About Me

Early 30’s part-time blogger living in the south east of England. Here’s a little bit about me…

The past

Rewind back a few years to 2010; I graduated in Journalism from the University of East London. Single, broken-hearted with zero confidence and not at all ready to hang up my partying days yet, I felt lost and confused about craving out a path of my own and where to make the next step. I moved back home to the seaside in Kent.

I worked in an unfulfilling insurance role for a few years before saving up a juicy amount of money to escape on a gap year to travel. Starting in Moscow, Russia, I boarded the Trans-Mongolian train down to China before exploring the well-beaten path of south east Asia and Australia. I had the time of my life and built up confidence I never knew I had.

Girl-cycling-on-xian-city-wallThe present

Now I’m home with my feet firmly on the ground, I’m trying to navigate my way into adulthood in the least boring way possible. I own my first home along with my fiancé and I’m still trying to master the art of DIY (with my mum’s help). Sometimes I still look back and think, how did this happen?

My weekends aren’t lost in bars and clubs as much as they used to be, instead in my spare time I like to explore my local area, pondering over what to spend my money on and enjoying making my house a home. Although I still enjoy a tipple, every now and then.

My content is focused on everyday beauty (the products I can use, not just a make up artist), as well as lifestyle, with a touch of travel (because my feet haven’t quite lost their itch yet…).

The future?

After approaching the big 3-0, it doesn’t feel that scary. Everything in life, whether that be travelling alone, buying a house or just planning your next long weekend, can make the world can feel a big place sometimes. This blog is about taking those small strides to make it another adventure.

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