The Delights at Stylist Live 2016

Stylist Live 2016

Late last week, I headed to my first Stylist Live event.

Stylist, as we all know, is a weekly women’s magazine, reporting on anything from fashion, beauty, literature and food.  Everything fun basically.

Over 3 days, the Business Design Centre in London was taken over by different stages of inspirational talks, brands and a bit of shopping.

What drew myself and my friend Jess to the event was just one talk and one talk only; Caitlin Moran and Sali Hughes discussing ‘The Power of Female Friendship.’

Caitlin Moran & Sali Hughes at the Inspirational Stage

I’ve been following Sali Hughes since she started writing for The Guardian and, needless to say, I adore Caitlin Moran too.  (Who doesn’t?!)

So when Jess nudged me about this dream pairing talk, we had to buy tickets.  There was no other way.

My highlights of the talk were realising, as both Sali and Caitlin mentioned, the sheer amount of laughter involved in female friendships – sometimes verging on absolute cackling laughter, or even uncontrollably peeing your pants laughter.

Most girls have got to admit they know at least one girl pal who’s brought them to tears through laughter, which is something male and male friendships aren’t known for in quite the same way.

Another good point was how girls look out for each other, where they’d lock up your phone if you’re about to drunk dial your ex and keep you from dancing on a grimy pub table.  Or in Donald Trump’s case, keep you from a Tweeting rampage whilst sitting on the bog at 3AM in the morning.

Anyway, their 45 minute chat was soon over in a flash and didn’t leave much time for a Q&A.

Sali Hughes Book Signing


Having only bought the ticket on the premise that Sali Hughes and Caitlin Moran were doing a talk, you can guess how excited we were to hear that 1) we could buy Sali’s new book Pretty Iconic book a week before it was published and 2) meet Sali and get her to sign it!

And that’s exactly what we did.

Sali was so lovely in person and signed individual messages in each of our books. (Thanks Sali!)  She had no problem with taking a picture either, although Jess has requested she’d be cropped out of this one!  (I’m not sure why my teeth look so weird?)



I can’t wait to start reading this, I really enjoyed Sali’s previous book Pretty Honest so getting this signed was an extra bonus to the day.

Time to Explore

As I mentioned, there’s quite a few cute stalls at Stylist Live.  Well-known brands such as Trilogy, Chambord and Clarins were there alongside new and upcoming brands I hadn’t heard of.

Me and Jess definitely took advantage of the free drinks voucher at the Chambord stand, alongside the free tips at Urban Decay.


But what we were both most excited about was that the new Dyson hairdryer.   Anyone who hasn’t heard a thing about it must be living under a rock.  Honestly, even my boyfriend David mentioned it to me in conversation, which quite frankly is a big deal – he can’t even tell when I’m wearing make up most days!

Luckily for us then a team of hairdressers were ready and waiting to style anyone’s hair with this new (£300!) hairdryer.

After about an hour’s queueing (we weren’t going anywhere until we tried it) I asked for my hair wavy.  Although I wasn’t using the hairdryer myself I could see how light it was to use , which means no more aching hands/arms!  But also how it didn’t burn my scalp when being too close to my head.

I was definitely impressed, particularly the straight and sleek style Jess had done and how light it is to hold.  But, you can probably guess what I’m going to say; £300 just isn’t coming out any of my paydays for a hairdryer anytime soon.  Plus, I still love my Parlux.

Anyway, Dyson installed cameras in the mirror in front of you, so you can see my transformation below:

A video posted by Emma Rose Daniels (@emma__laa) on

Overall, I had a great time at Stylist Live.  I was gutted to see the other guests I missed who attended Friday and Saturday, like Estée Lalonde!  I was so focused on Sali Hughes and Caitlin Moran I just didn’t check.  So I’m a bit annoyed at myself for that…

My bad, although lesson learnt for next year; I’ll definitely take a look at the whole schedule!

Any beauty bloggers, or just followers to beauty, literature, fashion etc would definitely have a great time here.

Did you go to Stylist Live?  Who did you go see?  What did you enjoy the most?  Let me know in the comments below!

Emma x

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