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Elemis Hydra-Boost Day Cream review

My fears have been realised; I really like the Elemis Hydra-Boost Day Cream and at around £42 a pop (at the time of writing), how do I justify myself affording this? In this review, I try to.

I was lucky enough to receive a 15ml sample in my Birchbox, so I chucked it in my hand luggage when I went for a weekend away in Germany (which was via EasyJet, so I had hand luggage only). After a few days of using it, what surprised me the most, and pleasantly I might add, is how soon I could see the effects to my skin.

Within a few days my skin was smoother on appearance, and noticeably clearer. This was a surprise because the main selling point to this day cream is its hydration benefits, there’s no mention of clearer skin too. I thought this showed such an effect on me that with my newfound confidence in my clearer and smoother skin, I went to Bluewater (Kent‘s biggest shopping centre) wearing no make up – whatsoever – after just a week since using it.

Not bad for a sample I just chucked in my bag because it was conveniently under 100ml for hand luggage!

A sample sized moisturiser laying on a white bed cover

Elemis Hydra-Boost Day Cream review

For a moisturiser that’s not as penetrative as a serum, or even a full size product; this seriously opened my eyes to the power of Elemis.

Okay that sounds a little cheesy but not many day creams/moisturisers have left this much of an impression on me. I’m focusing a lot on its effect of making my skin clearer, so I feel I should mention that it also lives up to its other promise of hydration and moisture.

Will I be buying the full size? I first wrote this blog post a while ago and my answer back then was; for the moment, no. Ultimately, the price was way out of my budget for a daily moisturiser. I tried to resist buying it when I emptied my tiny sample tube back and moved onto another Nuxe moisturiser… until that Nuxe moisturiser was discontinued.

Having not forgotten how much I loved this Hydra Boost Day Cream, I decided to treat myself *just once*. But of course it didn’t turn out to be *just the once*, and it’s now become my daily moisturiser. Fortunately, I found that I didn’t splash out on it too often, as I tend to order it just twice a year. So if £42 multiplied by two equal £84, divide that by 12 and that’s only £6.66 a month… (I tell myself.)

So I have to confess, I have overlooked the high price in the past year or so. But my skin remains to be just as smooth and clear as it was when I’d first tried it. Plus there’s always sneaky ways to knock some money off in sales, discount codes and being a Birchbox VIP – hello 15% off!

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