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The Best Hairdryer for Frizzy Hair

On the search for the best hairdryer for frizzy hair, frizzy girls will know too well the laborious task of simply getting their hair straight and smooth.  I’ve thrown my fair share of cold stares at the girl that *can just shower and leave her hair to dry naturally*.  The silkiness almost kills me.

Annoyingly then, it wasn’t until the age of 27 I discovered hairdryers could actually be my friend, instead of my enemy.  Meaning, they weren’t just made for the girl who doesn’t need it (i.e. the type of girl I just described above).

No, there is a hairdryer out there that’ll smooth my hair so it won’t need further styling.  A hairdryer that doesn’t turn my hair into a giant puff ball.  And no, this hairdryer isn’t a Dyson.

Best Hairdryer for Frizzy Hair

Alright enough with the intro’s, I read an article or two a few years ago about Parlux. An Italian brand I’d never heard that made supposedly the best hairdryers.  (This was before Dyson exploded onto the scene.  Note: I like Dyson, I just can’t afford one.)

I soon noticed my hairdresser using a Parlux on my hair and my decision was made.  After all, she was the first hairdresser that managed to blow dry my hair and not smooth things over with a straightener after.

Parlux 3500 Compact


I’ll admit, I’m not clued up on the difference between Parlux models.  But comparing models with the useful Parlux compare chart, this is one of the lightest models out there. My wrists are thankful!  Being both ceramic and ionic is perfect for frizz-prone hair too.  But what does that mean?  Swatting up on a little science here, the ceramic and negative ions blows out heat without drying out hair and leaves a silky like texture.

There are three different heat settings but what surprised me the most is the medium setting.  I can happily dry my hair on a medium heat, yes medium, with no frizz and in a reasonably quick time too.  Something that hadn’t been possible before, which means less heat on my hair!

The highest heat setting is quite hot though, hotter than most other hairdryers I’ve tried.   So I usually reserve this for when I want my hair extra smooth.  (Although I’m making more excuses to turn the heat on full whack recently…)

Products I’m Using


Of course, the silky like feeling after just blow drying my hair is helped with additional products.  I try to avoid sulphates and silicones in my hair care, as this can exacerbate frizz (as explained in my video here – my first YouTube video!)

I’d read that the Aveda Damage Control spray was a good heat defence that doesn’t contain any silicones.  The John Frieda Anti-Frizz primer was also a surprise for me, this is a brand I usually avoid because it’s hell for my dry scalp.  (Not to mention my frizz prone hair!)  I received it in a Birchbox last year and checked the ingredients list.  There are no silicones and I’ve been using it ever since.

I Love Parlux

Having my Parlux hairdryer for over a year now, it’s become so much of a necessity for me I’ve begun to consider taking it on holidays with me.  Even to the hotel rooms that already include a hairdryer.

Ranging between £70-£80, I would have considered this pricey for a hairdryer a long time ago.  But having it now and seeing the difference it makes, it’s worth every penny.


This blog post and video has NOT been sponsored, it’s not an AD and I’ve not been paid in anyway – honestly, I just love my Parlux.


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