A Photo Diary from my Second Lockdown

I’m not going to start this blog post with mentioning the word “unprecedented”. (Crap. I already have.) I’ve had good days and bad, like everyone at the moment. But one thing I wasn’t expecting to feel was wanting to diarise again.

As a teenager I diarised a lot and continued to, although more sporadically, into my early twenties. Reflecting on it now, I guess it makes sense why I grew such a big interest in blogging.

Holly tree

Anyway, my point is, I spontaneously decided on the first day of Lockdown 2 (the second lockdown, in November, is there an official title for it?) to take a picture everyday. And post it to Instagram. (So original, I know.)

Even if it was a crap picture, I still posted it. Just to record something about what I did that day. I didn’t start to become an amazing photographer because of it, but when I flick back through my Instagram Story archive or my Lockdown highlights (pffft what an oxymoron), I realised I missed recording something about my day, everyday.

Lately I’ve been nagging at myself to start blogging again. I’ve been finding it hard to get back into, sometimes because I have a lack of ideas or writer’s block. (I can’t use ‘lack of time’ as an excuse now, thanks to multiple lockdowns and furlough this luxury has now been given back to me. Thanks Covid, I think…) So as I’m here sitting on my sofa, during Lockdown 3 (?), the first idea that’s popped in my head is to post my Lockdown 2 diary here. To help get the ball rolling again.

Spoiler alert: I didn’t follow a photo diary for lockdown 3.

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