New Purchases Show & Tell – May 2017

Here I am at the end of the month again!  For my New Purchases Show & Tell May 2017 I’ve been buying a few festival items to get me ready for Glastonbury.  (Not long now eee!)

I’m being sensible though and buying strictly festival essentials at the moment, it’s not quite time to gather in all the fun bits just yet.  Such as the face glitter, colour hair crayons and a pineapple drinking flask (this is actually on my wishlist.)

I’ve also been picking up some interesting reads this month too.  It’s been a while since I’ve bought paperback, so watch my video below to find out which books have caught my eye!

New Purchases Show & Tell May 2017

Time for the run down…

Power Bank Pilot – 23 seconds in
I hope I’m not judged by hardcore festival goers for bringing my phone to a festival.  But get this – my network provider EE used to dish out portable phone chargers for free at Glastonbury, back in 2015, FREE.  That all changed last year when they asked for £25 for them!  Well, I didn’t want to end up queueing at the free phone charging points again, so hellooo 20,000 MAH worth of CHARGE!

Hunter Wellies in Black Gloss

Hunter Wellies – 1:20 minutes in
I can’t shake the feeling I’ve sold out by buying some Hunter wellies, especially as there wasn’t anything wrong with my old wellies.  However, I did have some blisters pop up last year and they say spending a little extra on shoes is always a good investment for your feet.  Plus, there were plenty of Hunter advocates in the private Facebook group GLASTO CHAT that were singing their praises!  So I thought I’d treat myself, and my feet…

Want to listen to some of the bands I’m aiming to see at Glastonbury?  Click here for my Spotify playlist!

Ole Henriksen the Cleansing Truth cleansing cloths – 2:40 minutes in
Now here’s a brand I discovered through Birchbox and have become quite impressed with.  I don’t bother taking my whole skincare routine to somewhere like a music festival, because seriously what’s the point?  I don’t usually like facial wipes either because they usually break me out and make my skin generally hideous.  However, these ones get my make up off whilst lightly cleansing my skin and are worth the bit extra!

The Girls by Emma Cline – 3:31 minutes in
I read about this book from an Estée Lalonde blog post, or video, I can’t remember which.  What I do remember her saying though is if cults or the Manson family interest you, then this book is for you.  So this book is for me.

New Purchases Show & Tell May 2017 flat lay

An Illustrated History of Slavic Misery – 4:10 minutes in
I started following John Bills through WordPress a looong time ago now.  What kept me a follower was his fantastic ‘An Illustrated History of Slavic Misery’ series.  A history which feels very much unexplored and although mostly grim, John brings humour and panache to each Slav to have ever made history’s story.  Pre-order the book here!

Ctrl Alt Delete by Emma Gannon – 4:50 minutes in
I fricking love Emma Gannon.  I’ve been binge listening (if that’s a thing) her podcast of the same name ever since I’ve discovered it.  So when it came to buying her book I felt like I just needed it in paperback or hardback.  I still love my Kindle, but this book felt special and one I’d be proud to display on my bookshelf.  If you haven’t heard of this book or Emma’s podcast you must do so, NOW!

Next month…

I wasn’t joking when I said there’s a pineapple drinking flask on my wishlist (there’s a mermaid shell one too!).  So you can expect the fun festival essentials next month, after I’ve returned from Glastonbury (nooo then there’s the 2 year wait until the next one!).

If you have any recommendations or suggestions based on what I’ve been buying and loving above, please feel free to leave a comment below!  I’d love to hear from you.

I have not been asked, sponsored or paid to review any of these products. I just like to shop!


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